Mother's Day Snack Tray

Create a fun Mother’s Day snack tray with me! 



  • Cardstock Warehouse (Gold Mirricard Foil)
  • Bazzill (Berry Blush)
  • American Crafts (Arroyo, Lavender, Forest)
  • Michael’s Glitter Pad (12x12 Gold)
  • Acrylic Tray (I used two trays and glued them side by side to create a bigger tray)  
  • Snacks of your choice (I used custom champagne, orange juice and a chocolate bar)
  • Foam Board
  • Foam Tape
  • Liquid Glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Xacto Knife
  • Self- Healing Cutting Mat
  • Chunky Glitter (Optional)


I created the arches using the shapes available in Design Space. I sized them according to my two trays glued together but you may also use one tray if you’d like to make a smaller one. I measured the inside area of the trays to print a bottom design that would enhance the other colors of my arches and found a beautiful iridescent background on Freepik.

I also used a measuring tape to create a border for the middle of the trays to hide the glue and to cut out a piece of the foam-backed Cardstock where my main arch would sit inside of the tray. I scored it on Design Space so I’d know exactly where to fold.


The champagne bottle was a free image used in Design Space just so I knew how tall my background arches should be. I resized it according to the bottle of champagne that I was using, but depending on the snacks you would like to use, is the height you could use for your tray. I also thought the layered rose (purchased on Etsy: ShopTaylorRose) was a perfect touch but other florals are available for free on Design Space, as are the hearts (item #M2AAB3D56), circles (item #M2AAB3EFD)  and scalloped shapes (item #M2AAB3DEE). 


After cutting all pieces with my Cricut machine, I decided to trace each arch on foam board to give it a sturdy support and a layered feel. It’s important that after tracing, you cut a little smaller than your outline so that the foam board is not seen at the edges. I used a ruler and Xacto Knife for this. After I cut, I took my square cut outs that were going to be the design of the bottom of the tray, and I glued them down. I also sprinkled some chunky glitter. 

After 3 arches were cut from the Foam Board, I used Bearly Arts liquid glue to glue the respective arches onto the foam boards. Once they were attached and dry, I started using Foam Tape to layer the arches. I also used the liquid glue to start putting the layers of the rose together so that once the arches were attached, I could glue down the Rose where I wanted it to be. For the text that says “Mama”, I used the Vogue font from but any font of your choice could be used. The widest arch (lavender) is my back layer and it is glued directly onto the tray. I used my glue gun to put hot glue on the bottom of the lavender arch and stuck it on the plastic on the back of the two glued trays. Once that was dried, I peeled the foam tape so that I could place the second (middle) arch inside my tray. Here is where I used my Xacto Knife to cut out the space needed for the arch to sit just inside the tray. 

Afterwards, I grabbed the layered half arch section and used the foam tape to adhere it to the other arches. At this time, I also grabbed my dried Rose and glued it down. Once the arches were all in place, I grabbed the strip of paper that I scored and cut and used my glue to put it right over the middle of the two glued trays to “hide” that it was two separate trays. After all arches were in place, I glued the glitter gold “Mama” text onto the Mirror Gold Foil and then used Foam Adhesive to attach it onto the back layered arch. This completed the creation of the design of the tray, and then I just filled with custom treats. 


Happy Crafting! 
All the best,
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